Our company is devoted to exploitation of the constituents of proportional models. We have got ahead in the field of redeveloping the AFV’s constituents and formed a faultless and original system of exploitation, test, production and sale. In addition to these, we are actively cooperating with a lot of famous model clubs, web sites and factory owners at home and abroad to further develop the products of redeveloped constituents, including the Navy model, Aircraft model. The “Voyager Model” have been accepted and favored by numerous people who are interested in models. At present, we have sales representatives in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities .At the same time, we are spreading our products and looking for more distributions owners and cooperative partners. If you are interested in our products, connect with us, please.


You can find Voyager at google Earth!!

Company Log:

2003.7 Company register 2003.10 first time AFV photo etch product : PE35008

2004.10 first time whole ship photo etch product :PE70001 BISMARCK (DML 7043) 2004.12 products number reach PE35045

2005.12 reach PE35081

2006.8 Pro35001 released 2006.12 Pro35002 released 2006.12 products number reach PE35100

2007.12 products number reach PE35200 & Pro35003 released

2008.7 reform 2008.8 pro35004 released 2008.12 products number reach PE35262

2009.8 JUMBO series & TOUCH series 2009.10 move company 2009.12 products number reach PE35300

2010.6 BLUE STAR series 2010.8 recombine finished